About Dr. Chase Pediatrics


Dr. A.W. Chase Medicine Company offers a line of herbal remedies that have been popular since the early 1900s in Canada and throughout the Caribbean. Dr. A.W. Chase was a public-spirited doctor who was known for his passion for medicine and children’s wellbeing. He was a free thinker, who believed that remedies for common complaints should be simple, effective, and easy as well as pleasant to take. His concern for children was continued by his successors, who developed and marketed numerous pediatric products, including KOLIK Gripe Water, a formula that soothes the colic discomfort in infants. We also offer an alcohol-free baby colic relief version of the formula, which has a faint and pleasant licorice flavor, with each teaspoon of 5 mL containing 2.5 mg of fennel oil and 50 mg of sodium bicarbonate.

Baby FootDr. A.W. Chase Medicine Company was acquired by Stella Pharmaceutical in 1995, a leading provider of uniquely formulated, over-the-counter health products that focus on nutrition, pain relief, baby care, and health & beauty aids. Stella Pharmaceutical is a family-owned company that started in 1920. The company prides itself on placing its customers first, and responds quickly to their changing needs by continuing to develop products that improve customers’ wellbeing and decreases the risks of debilitating diseases.