Could Your Baby’s Rash Actually Be Eczema?

Hand putting cream on baby's exzema

Could This Rash Be Eczema?

Hi, my name is Kaylee Cardona, and I’m a registered nurse. I’ve spent the last year working as a labor and delivery postpartum and NICU nurse, and for three years prior to that, I was working as a pediatric nurse. I’m also a mom of two.

New Laundry Soap Can Cause Baby Rash

When deciding if your child’s rash could be eczema, first think long and hard about if you have changed any soaps or detergents. If possible you put your child in an outfit that wasn’t washed in your home first, maybe it was washed at a friend’s house, grandma’s house.

If that is the case, the rash could just be a hypersensitivity reaction to that different soap or detergent. And if you go back to the one that you’re currently using, hopefully the rash will go away.

Your Baby’s Rash Could Actually Be Eczema

If you haven’t changed anything, there have been no new soaps or detergents, it could possibly be eczema. Eczema is not accompanied by a fever. It is a chronic rash with short-term flare ups. It presents as red, splotchy patches that are dry and flaky and very itchy.

How Can Your Baby’s Eczema Be Treated?

Eczema can be treated with just over the counter moisturizers most of the time. You want to use thicker moisturizers such as an Aquifer or a product marketed specifically for eczema like Dr. Chase’s X-ZEMA™ Intensive Care Relief Balm.

These products just have a little bit more of a moisturizing quality to them that moisturizes for more long term. Also, make sure that you avoid any soaps or lotions that contain alcohol. Alcohol is very drying and irritating to the skin and can actually make eczema patches burn.

Talk to Your Pediatrician

If you’re trying these things, it’s not working, talk to your pediatrician and figure out what you’re really dealing with, if it’s eczema or not. Some cases of eczema are a little bit more severe and require a prescription medication such as a steroid cream.

So, hopefully, when speaking to your pediatrician, you can figure out what you’re dealing with and really help your child find some eczema relief. Good luck. You’re doing a great job parents.