How To Feel Like Yourself Again After Having a Baby?

Mom sleeping with new baby

Nurse Answers Most Common Postpartum Question | How To Feel Like Yourself Again

Hi. This is Kaylee Cardona, a pediatric RN. And today, I’d like to discuss a question commonly asked by new moms, which is, “When will I start to feel like myself again after having my baby?”

Give Yourself Time to Adjust

Lots of moms have trouble adjusting to their new bodies after having a baby. Your body looks a lot different. Maybe you’ve gained some weight, or maybe you just have some stretch marks—a flabbier or squishier tummy, like me. And you just want to know, “When am I going to start to feel like my old self again?”

The first thing I want to say is that it’s going to take time. It took you 40 weeks to grow that baby in your tummy. (Delivery might have taken a little bit longer or a bit shorter depending on your due date.)

But it’s going to take time. Do not starve yourself. Don’t obsess over working out. The best thing that I can tell you to do is to just pay attention to what you’re putting in your body and eat healthy foods.

Exercise and Eat Healthier

Once cleared by your doctor, you can start to exercise and just move your body every day. You should also start eating healthier meals. I know it is kind of challenging with a newborn to be able to sit down and eat three meals a day, especially nutritious meals. Unhealthy things tend to be easier to find. However, finding a meal replacement may be of great assistance to you.

I suggest that you try a Nutribar. In fact, you can replace one or two meals a day with it. And it’s something that’s fast to go and grab and just sit on the couch, maybe while you’re nursing your baby. And you can eat your little bar, and it will fill you up, and it has great nutritional value. So, you can get your meal in and not be unhealthy about it.

Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself

Don’t be so hard on yourself, moms. You’re doing a great job. It’s going to take a little bit for your body to bounce back, and that is okay. And you may be left with some little changes in your body, and that’s okay too. Those changes are simply the result of the beautiful little baby you were able to bring home. So hang in there, mamas. You’ll get there!