Top 3 Reasons Why Your Baby Is Crying and How To Soothe Them

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Baby Is Crying and How To Soothe Them

Hi. This is Kaylee Cardona, a pediatric RN. And today I’d like to discuss a question commonly asked by moms, which is, “Why is my baby crying?” As a pediatric nurse in the hospital, I took care of lots of babies that were admitted just because we were trying to find an answer to that very question.

Your Baby is Hungry – The most common reason for your baby’s crying is hunger. So offer them something to eat and see if that helps soothe them.

Your Baby Has a Dirty Diaper – The second most common reason is that they have a wet or dirty diaper. So check the diaper, change their diaper, give them a fresh one, and see if that helps calm them down.

Baby Has an Upset Stomach – The third most common cause is that the baby has an upset stomach. You can try giving them some gripe water, swaddling them, and patting them. A warm washcloth on their tummy—not hot, just warm—can sometimes help soothe them. A warm bath can also help soothe their tummy.

If these three measures do not relieve your baby’s crying and inconsolability, see your pediatrician. They may want to see the baby to see if something more serious could be going on.

Taking care of a fussy baby is exhausting, so always pay attention to your own mental health as a mother or a father. If you need a break, lay your baby in their crib. That’s always a safe place.

Take a breather, and then come back to your baby once you’ve had a chance to recoup and calm down. Being the parent of a fussy baby is hard work. You’re doing a great job. Hang in there!