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KOLIK® Gripe Water

Can I add KOLIK Gripe Water to my baby’s formula/bottle when feeding?

We do not recommend adding KOLIK Gripe Water to the baby’s formula as they may not finish their bottle and get the recommended dose of the product. This can reduce its effectiveness.

Why is there alcohol in the original Gripe Water formula?

A very small amount of alcohol is in our original formula as it is needed to extract the essential oil from the herbal ingredients, and it acts as a natural preservative. Preservatives are necessary in medicines like this, as they prevent microbial contamination (for example, bacteria that can be harmful).

The amount of alcohol in the original formula is perfectly safe, however, we know that many parents prefer an alcohol-free formula, which is why we developed the first alcohol-free KOLIK Gripe Water for babies with the same effective herbal ingredients and Health Canada-approved preservatives.


Is the glycerin used in the KOLIK Gripe Water product from an animal or vegetable source?

The glycerin used in KOLIK Gripe Water is from a vegetable source and does not contain any soy or corn derivatives.


My bottle of KOLIK Gripe Water expired last month. Can I still use the product?

We do not recommend using the product if it has expired. The expiry date indicates the point in time when the product is no longer within acceptable specifications for the potency and stability of ingredients. We always recommend checking the expiry date before giving the formula to a baby.

KOLIK® Sweet Dreams Night‑Time Formula

Can I give my child KOLIK Sweet Dreams during the day?

Yes, it is acceptable to give your child KOLIK Sweet Dreams during the day, but please remember that the formula is intended to promote relaxation and sleep. Before going to bed or taking a nap is the ideal time to take this medication.


How fast does KOLIK Sweet Dreams take to work to help my baby feel better?

While each child is unique, KOLIK Sweet Dreams can begin to work right away and take effect in as little as 20 minutes.


Can KOLIK Sweet Dreams help my fussy youngster get back to sleep once they wake up during the night?

Yes. In addition to being a calming and sleep-inducing herb, chamomile has a long history of usage in traditional herbal therapy. Because of this, it is a great choice for calming fussy kids.

Why is the preservative potassium sorbate in KOLIK Sweet Dreams?

Potassium sorbate is a widely used, Health Canada-approved food-grade preservative that also serves as an antibacterial agent. Simply put, preservatives work to stop the development of bacteria and fungi, two types of germs that can lead to illness or infection.

KOLIK® Gas Relief Drops

What distinguishes KOLIK Gas Relief Drops from KOLIK Alcohol-Free Gripe Water?

The same medicinal ingredients and therefore the same amazing benefits—are included in both KOLIK Drops and Alcohol-Free Gripe Water, but KOLIK Drops have a stronger composition.

This makes KOLIK Drops considerably easier to carry around in your diaper bag and to administer because each dose is much smaller than that of KOLIK Alcohol-Free Gripe Water.

This makes KOLIK Drops considerably easier to administer to your child and to carry around in your diaper bag because each dose is much smaller than that of KOLIK Alcohol-Free Gripe Water.


When feeding my baby, can I add KOLIK Gas Relief Drops to the bottle or formula?

We do not recommend mixing KOLIK Gas Relief Drops into the baby’s formula because they may not complete their bottle and receive the necessary dose. This has the potential to diminish its effectiveness.

[NOTE: Kolik Drops comes with a dropper in the bottle to administer the dose – no need for cup or syringe with this product. But we can use this language up above when answering this question for Gripe Water.]

Is the glycerin in KOLIK Gas Relief Drops derived from an animal or a vegetable?

The glycerin in KOLIK Gripe Water is derived from plants and does not contain any soy or corn derivatives.

My KOLIK Gas Relief Drops expired last month. Can I continue to use the product?

If the KOLIK Gas relief drop product has expired, we do not advocate utilizing it. The expiration date denotes the point in time when the product no longer meets acceptable requirements for potency and ingredient stability. Before administering a dose to a baby, we always recommend checking the expiration date.


When should KOLIK Gas Relief Drops be discarded after it has been opened?

As a general guideline, because contamination can occur, we recommend tossing 3 months after opening.

X-ZEMA™ Intensive Care Relief Balm


How can I tell if my child has eczema?

Eczema is a common skin condition that can manifest as crusty, red, or flaky patches on your baby’s skin. Because babies’ skin is so fragile, it can be difficult to identify if they have a rash or eczema. If you’re unsure, your pediatrician can help you figure out if your baby has eczema.


What exactly is colloidal oatmeal?

Colloidal oatmeal is created by carefully grinding or milling oat kernels (Avena Sativa). The bran in the oat kernels is still present, and it contains vital skin soothing actives that bond to the skin to form a soothing protective barrier.

Colloidal oatmeal, a natural substance with established barrier protection, moisturization, anti-inflammatory, and calming characteristics, has been shown in studies to help with eczema symptoms.

Are Eczema Balms/Creams more effective than Lotions?

They definitely can be. Creams and balms form a better barrier on an infant’s or child’s skin, keeping it hydrated and decreasing irritation and skin breakdown. Lotions have a higher water content and are lower in weight. 


What brings on eczema?

According to the Eczema Society of Canada, “there are genetic, immunological and environmental factors that play a role in eczema. Contrary to popular belief, foods or food allergies do not cause eczema, even though a certain food may contribute to an acute flare of eczema.”