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KOLIK Gripe Water Original & Alcohol-Free

KOLIK Gripe Water
(Original & Alcohol-Free)

Formulated with anti-gas and stomach calming properties, our Gripe Water is based on a natural old-time English remedy that has provided infants safe and fast gas and colic relief.

KOLIK Sweet Dreams Night-Time Formula

KOLIK® Gas Relief Drops

Formulated with oil of fennel and sodium bicarbonate, our convenient bottle with its easy to administer dropper fits easily into your diaper bag or purse to provide convenient access if your child should need relief for an upset stomach and need it.

KOLIK Sweet Dreams Night-Time Formula

KOLIK Sweet Dreams
Night-Time Formula

Formulated with chamomile and linden flower, Sweet Dreams was designed to gently calm digestive upset and nighttime restlessness for children ages 2-11.

KOLIK Gripe Water Original & Alcohol-Free

X-ZEMA™ Intensive Care Relief Balm

Formulated with natural colloidal oatmeal to relieve irritation and calm baby’s delicate skin, and enhanced with ceramides to lock in moisture, X-ZEMA quickly soothes baby’s dry, itchy skin and provides long-lasting hydration.

KOLIK Sweet Dreams Night-Time Formula

Koff & Kold™ Herbal
Cough Syrups

Formulated with natural herbal ingredients such as echinacea, elderberry, thyme, and honey, Koff & Kold herbal cough syrups are designed to help relieve your little one’s cough and cold symptoms. Our night time formula also includes chamomile, traditionally used to gently soothe your child to sleep.

Testimonial Quotes

Our happy customers

KOLIK Gripe Water

"I love this product [Kolik Gripe Water] for my boys."

I love this product [Kolik Gripe Water] for my boys. They have some issues with cramps, however 1 tbsp of this in their night time bottle and they pass gas all day long, smile all day long, and sleep all night long not in pain.

— Cheryl

KOLIK Sweet Dreams

"This product works wonders."

The twins are very fussy at night and with the excess gas, they needed something to help them sleep. This product works wonders. It helped their stomachs relax enough for them to get some rest.

— Peejay

KOLIK Gripe Water

"It was such a relief to have this on our shelves."

This was part of a baby shower gift and boy were they awesome to include that in their gift basket for us. We used this product very often for the first 3 months especially since my baby had stomach issues. It helped him almost immediately each time to pass gas or poop. It was such a relief to have this on our shelves.

— M. Bassett

KOLIK Sweet Dreams

"He rarely gets fussy and seems to be happier all around..."

I have noticed that my baby will cry for a bit before he poops. It happens pretty much every time so I decided to start using this. I have seen such an improvement. He rarely gets fussy and seems to be happier all around even when pooping! Good to have on hand.

— Olivia W.

Digestive relief for
babies and children

We offer products formulated with natural, botanical ingredients, including our long trusted KOLIK Gripe Water. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of caring for our own.

Dr. Chase’s KOLIK Gripe Water and KOLIK Sweet Dreams were specifically designed to provide fast-acting, natural relief for newborns and children suffering from colic and digestive upset.

It can be difficult (and downright overwhelming) when your little one is suffering from gas, cramps, or any digestive issues, but our products are here to help! All of our products can be purchased both in-store and online, offering added convenience.

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